NPP's Own Saboba JJ Reportedly Dead


The death is reported of NPP's First chairman of the Saboba Cherepone Constituency of the Northern Region of Ghana Mr. Joshua Jagri Yakpir , popularly known as Saboba JJ.

His death was reported and Announced on Peace FM. This came as a big blow to the New Patriotic Party NPP and its faithfuls all over the Saboba Cherepone Constituency and Ghana as a whole.

This is a man who Worked very hard for the New Patriotic Party to secure a seat for the first time in an NDC dominated area like Saboba. He is widely known as an influencer and founding father of the great New Patriotic Party NPP.

Mr Joshua Yakpir Jagri clocked 74 years before his maker invited him. Plans have been laid by his family in conjunction with the New Patriotic Party NPP to give him a befitting funeral. The late Joshua Yakpir Jagri, Left behind children and a beautiful caring family.