Expect the electricity increment of this amount if you are among this group of consumers.


Electricity is a basic commodity in our day to day activities.and any adjustments by Kplc or the government will surely affect the common citizen directly.just some few weeks ago the we witnessed the increment in fuel prices.this led to different reactions and continued the struggle among Kenyans in their daily basis life. this is not enough worry though since Kplc has recently announced an increment in the electricity bill.for small households who have been using 200units a month will have to pay ksh 160 more while those with some small businesses and who use upto 1000units a month will have to pay upto ksh 800 a month increment.the 20% of this amount will be used in compensation of the thermal generators this is according to Kplc this will surely be a game changer and surely impose more or much struggle to the already damaged citizen and the economy.the government should for real come in and prevent such since fuel and electricity impacts the Normal citizen directly.

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