She Dropped Out Of School Last Year For This Reason, See How She Transformed


The name of the young lady in the picture below is Dorcas, Dorcas dropped out of school last year because she had a club foot, and she could not bear the pain of walking a long distance to school everyday without sandal or shoe, the club foot makes it impossible for her to wear sandal or shoe.

Dorcas later went to to operate his leg early last year at the Beit Cure where she had surgery to correct a club foot in order for her to be able to wear sandal to go to school. As you can all see in the picture below, Dorcas do not longer have club foot again she can also wear shoes or sandal after the successful surgery. As you can see in the picture below there is a smile on her face after being operated successfully. She's expected to start going back to school because her healing was near completion! 

The Facebook page reporting the transformation news of Dorcas is "Zambia Reports".

People were so happy for this little girl, see what they are saying through their comments below.