Hilarious Reaction As Governor Obado is Featured In a Gospel Song [VIDEO]

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Migori Governor Okoth has featured in a new 'Dholuo' gospel song by the Rapogi Lwanda Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church.The song 'Pak Odogne Yesu' (Praise be to God)

The song adores God and lauds praise onto him for creating the world and for loving human beings. Obado was part of the men's choir who sang the bass and alto voices.In the video shared by one of the choir member, Governor Obado is seen singing to his God even though people always that he is a closed case to hell. We never know the love of God.

Okoth Obado who is the first governor of Migori County and the father to Jerry Okoth and Evalyne Okoth. He is married to Hellen Okoth. The Governor came to the public public limelight when he was widely accused of being behind the murder of 26 year old Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

The video has left so many people on Facebook thrilled by the Governor's action as he praise the most high God.

Video: https://cutt.ly/Rz9wmGz

See Reactions below;

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