Popular Nollywood Actress, Joke Silva Celebrates International Husband Appreciation Day With Husband


Husband appreciation day, also known as national husband day or world husband is celebrated every 3rd Saturday of April every year.

It is a day many wives describe as more romantic than father's day with less pressure than valentines day.

A day many wives set out to celebrate and appreciate their spouses for showing up for them in bold and subtle ways every day of the year.

Saturday the 17th of April as well as the 3rd Saturday of the month marked the National husbands day for the year 2021.

To this effect popular Nollywood super star Joke Silva has taken to her Instagram handle to appreciate the Love of her life, Veteran actor Olu Jacobs.

In her words, she wrote, " Happy international husbands appreciation day sir J.... the best YES I ever said".

The couple who have been married for over 35 years have been standing out as role models to many families as well as singles who are looking forward to starting family life.

Both have played good roles in the Nigerian movie industry and have brought entertainment to many homes.

In a world where many celebrity marriages are crumbling daily, it is a delight to see such love oozing from this per.

On that note we join to say a happy international husbands day to all the husbands who toil day and night making sure the family institution is upheld.

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