Dear Men, If You Can’t Marry A Woman, Don’t Do These 3 Things To Her

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As a guy, you should never make promises you can't keep or say things you can't do. There are some things you should not do to a woman with whom you are in a relationship if you know you will not marry her.

If you can't marry her, don't do these three things to her.

1. Never promise a woman marriage if you have no intention of marrying her:

Maybe never promise her marriage when you're dating a lady you know you won't be able to take to the altar of God to make her your wife because you're giving her high aspirations of becoming your wife, and if you disappoint her, she won't be happy with you.

2. If you can't marry a woman, don't make love to her:

You shouldn't make love to a lady who isn't your wife because if she says anything bad about you since you didn't marry her, it will truly hurt you.

3. Dear men, If you know you won't marry her, never impregnate her:

Perhaps you should pay her Bride price and marry her if you want her to be the mother of your unborn children. Don't become pregnant with her if you don't intend to marry her.

Maybe if you know you're not ready for marriage or don't want to marry her, just tell her so she can find someone else to marry and you can honor your vow.

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