Why Gov. Akeredolu crossed the line with El-rufai comment.

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Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state, who just recently signed the anti-open grazing bill into law in his state, has accused Gov. El-rufai of Kaduna state, of planning to ship bandits and killer herdsmen to the south. The governor made the damning allegation while reiterating his stance that the anti open-grazing stands.

Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu (vanguardngr.com)

Recall, that Gov. El-rufai had condemned the anti open-grazing laws and tagged it unrealistic. He believes it is not possible for states to sign the bill and actually implement it.

Gov. El-rufai (guardian.ng)

Now, with Gov. Akeredolu's allegation it implies that the Kaduna state governor is in a mischievous plot to destabilize the southern states for their position on the matter. He alleged El-rufai intends to move the bandits/herdsmen to the south.


With this allegation, it appears the governor just crossed the line and indirectly called the Kaduna governor a pal of bandits and herdsmen. This does not make any sense, given what Kaduna is going through. No sane person would want to do that which the governor is alleging.

Map of Nigeria showing all the regions (Wikipedia.org)

It is important to state, that Kaduna state is plagued with these bandits, who kidnap people ( mostly school children) almost on a daily basis for various reasons, ranging from ransoms to blackmail. Gov.Nasir El-rufai once claimed victory over them, a claim he regretted almost immediately as the bandits struck again.

The governor later relayed the position of his government on the bandits, that they are to be hunted down and killed. He has openly condemned these faceless hoodlums, so suggesting he plans to mobilize them to destabilize the South is inconceivable.

Iy is unfathomable, that a governor that has experienced the bandits first-hand will wish it on another. It will take an unusual level of wickedness to want to push these bandits to the south. Just like the Ondo state governor said, it will definitely destabilize the South.

Next question is, why would a governor make such an allegation? .

It is allegations like that further divide the country, and should be ignored, since there is no credible intelligence supporting it. It is more or less a political jibe.

Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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