11-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide As A Birthday Gift To The Mother


Suicidal thought should never be an option to end anybody's life since there is more good coming in future. No matter how worse any situation will be at the moment, remember that future is bright and we should always keep on moving. According to Fresh Reporters news,11 years old boy committed suicide on his birthday so that he could please the mother. The young boy left a note where he had poured all his emotions out. The message from the boy was sad. The young guy said that his mother never loved him since he was born. The kid claimed that his mum once mentioned that all her happiness faded when she gave birth. Her partner left and so she had to struggle with raising the young child. The boy claimed that he loved his mum and she was the best parent he had seen in this world. Parents, make an effort of embracing your kids and show them that you care. Maybe the boy thought by dying, his absence will be a great happiness to the mum but he was wrong. Rest In Peace Young Boy. ( Source, Sasatjie, Opera news)

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