Sad News: Trotro Driver Gruesomely Knocks Down A Police Officer On His Motorbike In Kasoa, Kuwait


Sad News coming from Angel FM this evening from Kasoa, Kuwait has it that, a Police Officer has been gruesomely knocked down from his motorbike by a Trotro driver in a very horrific accident. 

The Trotro with the number plate, GC-2053-19 per reports, the driver was trying to dodge a pothole whiles on a very high speed to his opposite lane and accidentally collided with the Police rider. 

According to an eye witness, if not because of the speed the Trotro driver was going, something could have been done about the accident quickly as to how messy it occurred.

From the pictures at the scene, the rate at which the motorbike was damaged obviously shows how the Police Officer got wounded. He has been admitted at the Hospital and currently receiving treatment.

The drivers who uses the Kuwait road captivated on this to plead with authorities to fix the potholes on the road because it making driving really hard for them.