The NDC Would Restore July 1 As A Public Holiday In 2025-Abraham Amaliba

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July 1 is a special day in the history of Ghana and it was celebrated as a public holiday every year until 2019 when it was changed to a “commemorative day” to celebrate persons who have contributed to the history of Ghana.

Even though Ghana gained independence from the British on March 6, 1957, it was officially realized and recognized as a sovereign Republic on July 1, 1960.

The change from a “holiday” to a “commemorative day” was met with resistance from some Ghanaians and members of the National Democratic Congress because they accused the current President of trying to alter the history of the country and the argument continues to drag on.

Head of legal Affairs of the National Democratic Congress, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba has revealed that, the NDC would restore July 1 as a public holiday in 2025.

He made this revelation when speaking on the Newday show on TV3.

He also revealed that names of some institutions would be reverted to their original names. He was of the view that the current administration is only attempting to alter the history of the country.

“The next NDC government would make July 1 a public holiday in 2025. It is the day Ghana became a Republican State and must be regarded as such. I can tell you that we would revert names of some institutions this government has changed” he reiterated when giving his initial comments on discussions about today being a republic day.

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