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Connie Ferguson said a heartfelf tribute to her late husband, actor and producer Shona Ferguson, on record they played it during the funeral service. It is narrated that Shona Ferguson succumbed to Covid-19 complications last week. Connie thanked him for the 20 years of Love they shared. In the record this is what Connie said " Sho I thought you and I we going to be old together, that is what I saw for myself that is what I saw for us, that has always been the dream that has always been where I thought you and I are going. I never, never anticipated for where we are today. I have never known anyone as strong as you Sho, how I saw you at the hospital, how you fought skat I want you to know that I am so so proud of you, never knew anyone with your fighting spirit even on that hospital bed skat, you defied the odds so many times, so many times! Am hurting right now my heart is bleeding I wasn't ready for you to go, the girls were not ready for you to go. I can't imagine my life without you Sho the passed couple of days has been almost like a dream really, I feel like am dreaming sometimes and I will wake up none of this would be real that it is just a bad dream, one thing I know for sure my love is that you walking with the Lord and that you have been preparing for this day all your life, all your life! Because everything that you did my skat you did with a Passion never known anyone as resilient as you."

Comments from the people who also felt the pain for Connie and the Kids.

Continue to rest in peace Mr Sho, may the Lord gives your family, friends and everyone affected from the depature of Shona strength and healing.


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