It Will Be Tough For Both One Kenya Alliance And Raila If Ruto Decides To Do This.


Monday 28th June 2021.

The next general election is just around the corner with politicians ganging up in preparation of the day. As we expected there would be formation of new political alliances with disbandment of the old ones.

However the deputy president William Ruto seems to be the man to watch in this race. He's been giving opponents sleepless nights. Some now call him the professor of politics.

Ruto has been playing his cards very smart by even outweighing his president Uhuru Kenyatta who we earlier betrayed him.

The deputy president is massively loved by Kenyans who belief in his hustler narrative. However he's been facing alot of opposition from the One Kenya Alliance And Raila's side.

The OKA will be in trouble if Ruto recruits governor Mutua to the alliance. Ruto has large share even in government after details emerged that some cabinet secretaries and permanent secretaries support him.

It will be a matter of time before everything comes out clearly about everything politician's plan ahead of August 2022 presidential bid.