Opinion: If Your Consumption Rate of Electricity is Less than 100 Units Per Month, then do this to Save Power


Electricity bills is one of the things that baffles many home owners. At the end of every month, one is required to pay the bills. Well, there is a way you can save on the bills. Here is the trick guys, (if your consumption is less than 100 units per month) don't buy tokens in small amounts. Sometime back I used to buy tokens worth Ksh500 then I keep topping up tokens worth Ksh100 as the days go. At the end of the month, I used to spend Ksh2800 and I wondered.

This is what you can do, monitor your monthly consumption. Count the money you spent not the tokens you got. After 1 month set aside a whole amount kama last month cumulatively for example let's say you used Ksh2500. Get a whole Ksh2500 a side. Before the last day of the month buy tokens worth Ksh1000. Wait for the new month and buy another tokens worth Ksh1001. Enjoy your month stress free.

Check out my screenshot. I bought 1000 on 30th June was given 40 units bought 1001 on July 1st was given 56 units total I have 96 units. If you buy Ksh2000 at once before end month or in the new month you will get tokens worth around 80-84 units. You can see You will have a whole 16 units free.

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