Crime: Assault: GBV where a young man who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend is rooming the streets

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In the early morning today we discovered that Thabaleshoba police station has let out a killer on bail just like other GBV victims in rural areas where Maria Morula will not get her justice.

It is because of Thabang Maharala who hit his girlfriend Maria Morula from Ga Taueatsela Village at Steiloop in Mokopane area situated in Limpopo Province.

This happened on the 21st of September 2021 were Thabang hit Maria with stones & rocks and left her in an unconscious state, naked in a pool of her own blood around 9pm.

According to an eye witnesse Thabang's intentions were to kill her. Maria cried out for help until she couldn't.

"When we heard the cry we went there to help and found Maria lying on the ground naked in a pool of her own blood." We phoned the police and Ambulance they came and Thabang ran away. A day later we went to the police station and opened a case against Thabang, now he is out on bail", said eye witness.

Thabaleshoba Police Station is one of the many victim free station, they never petrol or allow police vehicles to attend to matter's in case of Emergencies. They are slow to respond to crime neither attending to GBV case's around our area. Thabang is one of the many GBV predators who are roaming around freely.

An assault case has been open but no action or arrest been made.

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