We Have stolen about 10000 pigs: The driver of the robbers reveals after being beaten up.


Robbery cases in the country is becoming out of hands as day in day out we hear cases of robberies.

According to report by Angel news today, a man has caught for failed robbery attempt at Teacher Mante in the Eastern Region.

The man captured is identified to be the driver of the robbers who attempted to attack animal farm at Teacher Mante.

Upon their arrival, they attacked The robbers cut the caretaker's hand with a machete and took his wife and children and tie them so that they can get access to loot the animals in the farm.

Fortunately for the farmer the people living in the area heard their noise and came to their aid. The people gathered themselves and decided to follow the robbers. They were able to locate them but most of them were able to run away.

Unfortunately, the driver was caught, and was beaten severely but the police intervene and saves his life.

The driver revealed that the previous missing if pigs were all they doing and that they have stolen about 10000 pigs.

"Please don't kill me, I know where all of my people will go and I can take you there. The pigs that we stole were out main source of income. We have stolen about 10000 pigs" The driver revealed after being beaten up by the crowd.

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