Witchcraft is real| Lady cries out for help after she was bewitched because of a man

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Guys when will African men learn that creating and sleeping around is not a game woman end up destroying each other over what you are doing. This is too much witch craft is now a norm and it disgusts me. A lady broke down on a live video talking about how she was bewitched because of a man. She made a video begging the woman to spare her and said she is willing to leave the man. 

I pray for peace over Tharh life it's sad we have all been a victim of this and it's sad because some women aren't prepared to leave a relationship they rather fight to force things. I cannot imagine what ThaRh Ngubo is going through right now, no one deserve to endure such pain. You could see pain, fear written all over her face. When she said ” I am not even coping at school” she’s fighting for her life and she wanna be okay, that’s all.

Whatever ThaRh Ngubo is going through shows that women can be jealous of one another just because you early found your mate, soul mate or marriage then they decide to perform Blackmagic/witchcraft on you. Her Live really broke me for real, jealous isn't necessary your time will also come to achieve whatever you have always wanted. 

And the sad thing is most of us are actually going through what Tharh Ngubo is going through ke fela we choose to not speak about it. Witchcraft is REAL, Sadly we are fighting generational wars and fighting and facing our realities.

I so want to help you as a traditional healer. But as a woman I also understand when you reach a point of no return. When you listen to that voice inside it always seems scary but trust me it always works out for the best. Lastly, sometimes stepping back is not corwardness but an opportunity to learn and regain strength and maybe in the future you will both be better people for yourselves as individuals 1st in order to be better partners to eachother.

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