Five Bank Robbers Shot Dead In Kakamega After Being Trolled From Nairobi


Five armed bank robbers have met their fate at Sigalagala on their way to Kakamega town while on the run from the police who were trolling them all the way from Nairobi.

The five have reportedly been on the run after robbing a bank in Nairobi. A police officer has also been injured and rushed to Mukuma hospital where he is recuperating from.

"Happening now at Sigalagala, 5 bank thieves shot dead, followed from Nairobi, one police officer injured." Susan

The residents have condemned the robbers and applauded the security apparatus for the job well done. Below are some of the reactions from the netizens:-

"Walikua wamezidi." Hussein Dado Kiharangwa

"Unaiba kwa bank mchana hehe." Kelvin Amiani

What can you say has attributed to the increasing number of such cases? Do you think Covid 19 pandemic has a hand in this? Why are cases of accidents, murder, theft, and robbery very high?

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