Bad news: PRASA CEO Zolani Matthews fired with immediate effect, Check why

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a man wearing a suit and tieThe tussle between the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) and its CEO Zolani Matthews has recently raised to another level: The element's board has declared Matthews has been terminated, as of now.

PRASA had set Matthews on suspension for neglecting to uncover the way that he holds British citizenship. At that point, the rail organization said the news came as a shock and that in the wake of going through an announcement structure endorsed by Matthews back in May, it was apparent that he purposely covered this reality.

"The Board of Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) at its gathering of the 29 November 2021, consistently made plans to fire with prompt impact the business agreement of its GCEO, Mr Zolani Kgosietsile Matthews. This is in accordance with an arrangement in provision 11 of his business contract. This followed an examination via prepared senior direction that set up whether Mr Matthews purposely and deliberately neglected to uncover material data to PRASA in regard of his double citizenship"

PRASA representative Andiswa Makanda

PRASA to search for another CEO

PRASA says now the quest for Zolani Matthews' substitution will start.

Further specifying the conditions encompassing his terminating, the element says Matthews' agreement of work was very clear – it would just be affirmed upon him getting positive exceptional status. It was after the State Security Agency (SSA) declined Matthews highly confidential trusted status that the cover was lifted on his British citizenship.

"The discoveries as contained in examination report by the senior direction were antagonistic against Mr Matthews. The Board saw the report in an intense light and concurred with its suggestion. Mr Matthews and his attorneys are conscious of the substance of the report," said PRASA representative Andiswa Makanda.

The rail office says during the examination, Matthews and his legal counselor were given sufficient chance to introduce their variant of occasions.

JUST IN: PRASA CEO Zolani Matthews AXED with immediate effect (

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