Is Ayanda Ncwane single or taken? See her stunning pictures below

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Ayanda Ncwane who was the wife of the late Sfiso Ncwane the Kulungile baba hit maker posted some of the some stunning and gorgeous pictures on her Instagram page. And as always she is looking beautiful and attractive. Ayanda might be one of the most beautiful and famous widower in South Africa, because of her late husband. Ayanda Ncwane after her late Husband Sfiso Ncwane died she started a business and now she is the CEO of the company called Ncwane Communications. And this is the company that might be bring in some income into the family to raise her kids.

And Ayanda Ncwane is always working as the brand ambassador of a Client life funeral company. And on this one she is working with people like Desmond Dube and Lillian Dube, of which is a another good job because she can manage to get sufficient money to take care of her kids and to feed them.

But do you really think that Ayanda Ncwane is Single ever since her partner died? Because we can all see that she is beautiful and everyone wouldn’t mind dating her.

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