He was always looking for his father and when he finally found his house, he was sad and heartbroken

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Most children who grow up without their biological fathers are likely to face long-term repercussions. Some of them never escape the cycle of poverty and cease attending school. According to Mamqcina, they have lately met their cousin, who is now 26 years old and has spent his entire life searching for his biological father. It was distressing to learn that his father had died only two weeks prior. The fact that his grandmother died within the same week is even more heartbreaking.

"This afternoon, a 26-year-old young man visited our home. Although we had never met him before, he turns out to be the son of my uncle. He has never met our uncle or any of the rest of us. He was able to locate us and arrived at our location. This made him really happy to see us again. I had tears in my eyes when my father informed him that we had buried his father two weeks prior. When he inquired about his grandmother (my dad's aunt and his father's mother), his father told that his grandfather and father had died and been buried on the same day. Both were ailing, and when the son learned that his mother had died, his heart simply couldn't handle it, and he too passed suddenly. Because they are such excellent parents, he turned up to be such an admirable individual." As she explained.

"My cousin and her father, who is the older brother of my own father, had a close brush. It was a fortunate coincidence that my father found my cousin the day before my uncle's burial. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that my cousin and her family lived in close proximity for many years without ever meeting." Said @Siyanda.

The envious guy stated, "I often remark that I envy those who search for their fathers and actually find them alive." Said @Tshepi notes.

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