"Most Nigerian Male Celebrities Are Gay, I Lived With Bobrisky for 3 Months" - Ivory Coast Lady


The young Ivory Coast lady who Bobrisky flew to his house months ago have recently revealed that most Nigerian male celebrities are gay. He revealed this about two hours ago via her Instagram page.

The young lady said that she has lived with Bobrisky for three months so she knows what she's saying. This probably means that most male actors visited Bobrisky while the young lady lived with her. She said she won't mention names because many of them will lose their fans.

Her post read, "Most of the Nigerian celebrities that you guys are seeing are gay. I just can't believe what my eyes see, I wish I can wipe all thse memories but I can't. Many of Nigerian celebrities will lose their fans if I start mentioning names. They are married but still f...king man. I stay 3 months with Bobrisky and a lot was happening. I will better move on because if I talk now people will still say I'm lying".

What are your thoughts on this?

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