Check Out This Sign Post That Got People Talking Of.


There is a sign post which is spreading over the social media platforms.

The sign post is a post which was designed to attract buyers of a certain spot.

The post sounds very funny especially the words used on it.

Without wasting much time let's take a look at the post in the picture below;

The sign post was indicated that "Have you eat" as the tittle of the post.

It was noted in the post that, the sign post was a post which was listed with names of different foods.

Most people believed that the mistake was from the edited or the artist who made it and some was also giving different kinds if opinions which sounds very funny.

According to what was noted in the post, the editor mentioned 'sloft' drinks instead of soft drinks.

This post really sounds funny upon the words written on it and also it made people got talking of it.

Between the editor and the owner of the post who do you think the mistake is from?

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