Akothe Advices Kenyans On The Easiest Way They Can Be Rich And Successful In Life


Akothe is a Kenyan singer and business woman who is famous for her wonderful afro-beat songs with her captivating sultry dance moves. She is among the top wealthiest celebrities in Kenya. Akoth has built her brand through collabos with Africa-International artists like Diamond Platinum and Flavor from West Africa.

Few minutes ago Akothe posted on her official instagram page telling kenyans how they can be successful easily. The following is what she told in a post.

“Learn how to create wealth! Never chase money, look for money. For you to be comfortable you need money, and for you to have money you must look for it. Do you want to be successful? Do you expect to be successful? Based on your performance. Do you want to live a life of productivity? Expectation shows up in your behaviours. I can tell what you expect by what you do. Judge a tree By the fruits it bears not what it might talk about. You must be willing to do the things today others won't do, in order to have things tomorrow others won't have. Stay focused, disciplined and consistent” Akothe said.

This post brought up Kenyans reactions where most of them were happy and thanking her for the piece of advice she gave out. The following are some of his followers comments.

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