Cute Pictures Of Jemutai And Hamo's Children


Jemutai and Hamo trended for the better day of yesterday ths is after the revelation that Professor Hamo was the father to her 2 children.

According to an audio shared by Edgar Obare Jemutai wanted to sell her Facebook account, through him this was because life was too hard for her and her children.

She said things are really rough and she has tried to keep everything a secret but it's not possible anymore because Hamo doesn't help her with anything and she has suffered alot, because she cant get gigs with the Corona virus lockdown.

Their two children that is Jeremy who is almost 6 years and the little baby known as Chibabe is 1 and a half years, she recently got and Ambassadorial job for a baby shop for clothes and jewellery as everyone congratulated her saying she is so pretty.

Here are a few pictures of the lovely children.