A Man tried to steal from the wrong truck and this is what ended up happening to him

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The man pictured above was allegedly attempting to steal items from a truck but instead he ended up learning a hard lesson, the truck driver found him screaming in pain and agony after the truck's doors smashed both of his arms.

According to the Flyingnewslive news report, A man (pictured above) saw a truck parked next to the road unattended with its back doors open, he thought this was a perfect opportunity to go and steal items from the truck, while he was busy attempting to steal from the truck, both doors closed and smashed his arms.

The truck driver arrived at the scene and found him screaming in pain and agony but he did not bother to open the doors for him, he just stood there and watched him suffer while he called the police, upon the arrival of police the suspect was let loose and arrested for attempted theft.


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