8 delicious traditional foods Nigerian men love to eat

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Nigeria ladies are talented in many areas of life, in fashion, spirituality, culinary skills and so on. According to the popular saying that says, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach", so are women making efforts to keep their men with their various cooking skills.

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 Men on the other hands are pleased with ladies that are creative in many aspects including cooking. Men love to eat good traditional foods especially if it is prepared by their loved ones. 

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 In this article, we will shed light on some traditional foods Nigerian men like to eat from their lovers.

1. Abacha n cha (African salad)

This is a traditional Igbo delicacy that is made with cassava free of cyanide or other forms of harmful chemicals. Men love to eat this super food. Prepare it for your man now and let him thank you later.

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2. Achicha ede

This food originated from Eastern Nigeria, Enugu to be precise. It is a traditional food that many people look forward to eating. It will be nice to prepare it for your man.

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3. Agidi with beans

Agidi and beans can be eaten at any time when the beans taste very nice. Many men love to eat beans more than some other foods. So, if your man is a lover of beans, do well to prepare this meal soon.

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4. Amala and efo riro

Amala can never go wrong if it is eaten hot with the right soup. Many men love to eat vegetable soup, therefore it is a good idea to combine it with amala.

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5. Pounded yam and egusi soup

Pounded yam is a very important meal in Nigeria especially Yoruba land. It is a food that is usually prepared on special days such as weddings, burials or religion celebrations such as eids or Easter days. Men do appreciate women who can prepare this food for them on ordinary days.

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6. Ofada rice and stew

Ofada rice is a traditional Yoruba food that taste so great. It is normally eaten with a specially prepared stew, which always make the food more delicious. All men will like the aroma and taste of such nice meal.

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7. Dan wake

This food is native to northern Nigeria. It is made with grinded beans and dried baobab leaves (luru or kuka leaves). Northern men really love the sweet meal, in other words, do well to make it for your man if he really love it.

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8. Garau garau

Garau garau is a delicious rice and beans recipe that taste really nice. Some northern men prefer to eat this delicious delicacy than normal rice and beans with stew.

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