Jubilee Party Loses Three By-Elections Held on Tuesday


Jubilee party was the biggest loser in the just concluded by-elections in the three constituency Bonchari, Juja and Rurii .The ruling party came out empty with the party losing the three seats including its traditional seat in Juja which is known to be President's Uhuru Kenyatta's backyard. The party lost the seat to George Koimburi of the People's Empowerment Party PEP after he got a total votes of 12,159 beating his Jubilee counter part Susan Njeri who garnered 5,746 votes.

In the Bonchari elections Pavel Oimeke of ODM was declared the winner after defeating twelve candidates including Jubilee. Oimeke won the election with 8,049 votes defeating his closest challenger Zebedeo Opore of the ruling party Jubilee after he managed to get 7,279 votes .

In the Rurii by-elections United Democratic Alliance Party (UDA) candidate Francis Muraya defeated his rival from the Jubilee party Peter Thinji in the by-election held on Tuesday. This was after Mr. Muraya garnered 4,303 votes defeating his counter part Mr. Thinji who managed to garner 3,143 votes.

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