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Bindusara practising his swords,Chandra walks in and says well done my son,Bindusara asks aren’t you upset,Chandra says I’m not ok with your decision but I’m not upset. Dharma says ma I’m okay with Bindusara decision,Nandini says dharma marriage is very important step and you just cant fool like this,dharma says but this is what I want,for the first time he took right decision. Bindusara says I cant force dharma,she won’t be happy with me and I won’t let her life be spoiled and will remarry her with a right guy,dharma says ma I’m happy with Bindusara decision.

Nandini says maharaj what will we do,dharma says it was a mistake,Chandra says yes this two aren’t listening what will we do,Nandini asks we were enemies too then how did we fell in love,Chandra

pulls her close and says since I was so handsome you fell in love with me,Nandini smiles and says but this was not what dadi told me,Chandra asks so what did dadi tell you.

Nandini says dadi said we married thrice and you also left mahal,is this all true,Chandra says yes I did all this for you,now Nandini cmon say it how king shall I wait,Nandini says maharaj it’s dhrama and Bindusara now,we have to make them spend time together.

Sir starts shouting when guards stop him,and says I want to see maharaj,Chandra asks who is he and what he wants,dasi says he entered forcefully and wants to meet you and everyone,Chandra says okay let him in Sabha.

In Sabha,Chandra asks what’s your problem,sir says I’m a common man and I have something of mine with you,Chandra says no I have nothing,sir says no it is with you,Chandra says okay prove it and I promise I shall return it to you,Nandini walks in and he rushes to her calling her my love,Chandra steps in and says how dare you,sir says she is my wife Savitri,all shocked,Chandra says she is my wife Nandini,Sir says no she is my Savitri and says I know you hate me because I troubled you but come back to me I cant stay without you,Chandra about to attack,Chanakya says calm down,sir says Savitri forgive me let’s go back home,Nandini says maharaj I don’t know who this man is,sir says I married you,Chandra says don’t worry you won’t go anywhere,I’m with you we know he is lying,sir says I have proofs and shows the sketch of his and Nandini.

Helina thinks oh ma I wished you were here,and says this is just a picture what proofs do you have,sir says acharya Chanakya please help,he is a king and I’m common man,give me justice,Chanakya says what proofs you have,sir says we need to go home town for it,Chandra asks why are we listening to him,Chanakya says we need to handle this challenge and not step back and if he is lying he will be punished.

Dharma says ma if this is so,where was he so many years,Nandini says I have no idea,I just found happiness and identity but now I’m blank,dharma asks what does your heart say,Nandini says I have feeling just for maharaj Chandragupta and no one else,dharma says you any ways had memory flashes about this place,so it is maharaj Chandragupta,Nandini says this isn’t so easy dharma,your grandpa narrated story and the he said is same, I’m scared now,Dharma says ma go find the truth and your identity,Nandini leaves.dasi walks in,and hands dharma a letter,from Kartikeya which reads I would like to see enough for the last time,Kartikeya thinks I knew dharma even you cant stay without me.

Lawyer says prince Bindusara just the Royal stamp and the marriage cancellation papers will be ready,Bindusara says okay send it to my room and walks to dharma room and says now dharma will be free and I shall even send her back to Champa.bindusara sees dharma walk out of her room and follows her and sees that she meets Kartikeya.

Kartikeya says dharma I’m so happy and if your marriage with Bindusara cancels even I shall cancel my wedding with Elis,and even we shall run away, look at Chitra she took Right decision and she is so happy,look at you, you fell in relation with the man you hate and me with a women I don’t love and never wanted to marry.

Kartikeya says Elis knows I love you and not her,Kartikeya hugs dharma,Bindusara gets angry and leaves,dharma says enough you are married,this is the last time I have come for you receiving your letter,Kartikeya says what I didn’t send you letter you did,dhrama says what and thinks so this is again the person trying to plot something and says Kartikeya you should leave quickly.

Kartikeya says did you sit in place of Chitra because Bindusara is superior then me,dhrama says I did this for your sister and her love,Kartikeya says okay dharma I won’t let your sacrifice go waste,I shall go ahead with Elis and leaves,dhrama says I pray you and Elis have a good life ahead and you fall in love with her.

Chandra Chanakya and Nandini walk in to sirs house,a lady runs to her and say sim so happy you came back,let me welcome you and performs her aarti,and hugs her and says I’m so happy Chandra asks who is she,she says I’m Mohini his first wife and I misbehaved with saviriti and so one day she left us but now I’m sorry,Nandini says I don’t know her,Mohini says forgive me please Savitri,Chanakya says this can’t prove that she is Savitri,sir says go call Panditji,who performed our rituals,Mohini leaves,sir says look Savitri this is your house,look at our wedding invitation,a Panditji walks in,Chandra says dare you lie,I’m maharaj Chandragupta,who is she,Panditji says she is bheemdevs wife savitri.

Chandra says to Panditji don’t you lie,Panditji says why will I lie,she is bheemdevs wife Savitri,nearby people also say that she is Savitri,baba walks in and says they aren’t lying,Nandini rushes to him and hugs him,and says tell me the truth who am I,Prabha,Nandini or Savitri,baby says I told you, you aren’t Nandini,Nandini says then why did I dream about Magad,baba says I dont know about all this but he is your husband,Chandrasays where were you so many days,baba says because I was scared for her life but then I realised his changed nature and then informed about Savitri and she isn’t Nandini because she is dead,Chandra says how dare you.

Bheemdev says I also have proofs which are personal tries which only a husband can have,and would like to share with you in

private,all leave,except Chandra and Nandini.

Helina says Bindusara I didn’t want to include you but Elis also tired to commit suicide,she couldn’t handle the pain and so she took the step,Bindusara says did you knew this before wedding,Helina says yes I did and I also spoke to Kartikeya and he made me believe that there’s nothing between him and dharma,and Bindusara dharma is destroying your and Elis life,but now look.Elis says yes even I knew it but still I married because I thought our love will cure everything and now when dhrama will be free Kartikeya wants to cancel our wedding too for dharma but bhaiya I cant live without Kartikeya I shall kill myself for Kartikeya.bindusara says you won’t have to do this and leaves in anger.

Helina starts laughing and says well done Elis you pulled out a very good act,Elis says this wasn’t a act I will kill myself,if I don’t get Kartikeya,Helina says I did this, I made them see each other so that Bindusara will learn this truth and will trouble dharma a lot now and Kartikeya will be now all yours, go to your husband now,dear.

Bheemdev says maharaj, Savitri loves to eat tamarinds,she loves rains,mangoes,books and also she has a beauty spot on her back,Chandra hits him and says how dare you I will kill you,Chanakya runs in and says calm down maharaj and says Mohini and bheemdev you need to be in Magad Sabha we shall look over this matter in sabha and leaves with Chandra and Nandini.

Bindusara walks to dharma,and pulls her and take she’s away,dharma says what are you doing leave me,Bindusara pushes her in room and closes the door,and says you married me but I was quite because you stepped in to save my families pride and I thought you are a nice girl but I made a mistake to recognise you but you,you are a two faced girl,shame on you,dharma says what are you saying,Bindusara says don’t fake this innocence, I saw you meet your lover,who is my sisters husband, you are trying to destroy my sisters life,dharma says you are mistaken, Bindusara says please listen,free me and I will go away far away,Bindusara says after seeing all that,no way,so that you can get back to Kartikeya, I will make hell out of your life and tears the bond papers and says your life will be worst then hell, these tears are just mine.

Nandini cleans Chandra wound,Nandini in tears, and says tomorrow show to doctor,Chandra says why are you acting so weird,and like strangers,I’m your Chandra Nandini says this is not correct,Chandra says what wrong am I doing,all this is for you me and us,Nandini says I found my identity but look within seconds all went away,why are you doing this,it’s not me in your us.

Chandra says stop crying Nandini look into me,if you trust me,look into my eyes and you will find your answer that you are my Nandini,Nandini says there’s a storm inside me,dasi informs that Chanakya is waiting for Chandra,Chandra says don’t question your identity and leaves,Nandini breaks down.

Mohini and bheemdev walk to Magads real king and greet him,bheemdev says I did as you said but I don’t think they trusted us. Chandra says acharya they are lying,Chanakya says I know but we need to find the reason behind it,this was done in history too,to dethrone the king. Magad real king says they shouldn’t find about me,Mohini says no sir,and they have Calle dus tomorrow,he says okay be alert. Chanakya says they are just a way to reach us,Mohini and bheemdev are used and we need to find the main person behind this.

Magad real king says I have only one mission it’s to destroy Chandragupta and will go to any extend for it and Nandini and Chandra separation is the first step.chandra says I won’t let my Nandini go away from,Chanakya says do as I say and all will be under control. In Sabha,Chanakya says the reason for late night Sabha is because bheemdev claims that Nandini is Savitri and till we have proofs,bheemdev and Mohini will stay in mahal and Nandini will be accommodated to her room and won’t stay neither with Chandra nor with bheemdev,Nandini in tears,Helina Happy,Chanakya says if this is find to be plot,you two will be punished.

Nandini gathering her belongings and remembers every moment spent with Chandra,and is in tears,Chandra walks in and wipes her tears,Nandini says this decision is very correct,I’m myself in confusion,and you don’t need to give explanation and I’m not angry,Chandra says enough you talk so much,now listen to me,in Sabha the decision didn’t mean that I don’t trust that you are my Nandini,it’s just too find what is his motto behind this plot,we are royal family and so always have to face such plots and so don’t get affected we have to stay strong and I cant loose you,and this was an act so that we can solve this problem and you can stay with me,forever and I cant loose you,you are my Nandini,come let me escort you to your room which is beside mine.

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