8 Tips On How To Apply Makeup And Look More Beautiful

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Finding the right makeup to use can be a challenge for many girls. The makeup that accentuates your beauty can boost your confidence and make you feel more pretty before others. Applying makeup for girls makes them more beautiful if applied the right way.

Here are some tips on how to apply makeup and look more beautiful:

1.Use the right foundation for your skin – There are many different types of foundations and which work with a specific skin type. Before you choose the foundation to apply on, first decide whether your skin is oily or dry. Also, the skin color will determine the kind of foundation that you will use.

2.Clean and moisturize your face – You will have to wash your face and dry before you think of applying the foundation. If your skin is already dry you can now apply moisturizer prior to putting the foundation on. Having a clean face will avoid you using too much make which may end up destroying your face.

3.Use the right brush to apply – The best foundation brush is a large makeup brush with a rounded edge. To avid any complications always make sure you rinse the brush after every application to keep it clean. Using a brush will help apply your foundation in a very smooth way and uniformly.

4.Apply the foundation start at the center of your face – Start applying at the center of your face and blend the foundation out. The continue applying until your entire face is covered and evenly blended. You are recommended to use bright colors if you are dark skin because it helps you look great and you appear more beautiful.

5.Buff your face – Using a buffing brush or sponge to blend the foundation into your skin. Make sure to buff around the jaw line and neck so you don’t end up with a foundation line because so many girls usually forget it and end up embarrassing them.

6.Pick the right eye shadows – When you are choosing your eye shadow be bold with the bright colors because they usually make your eyes look great. The bright colors usually pop out especially when you are dark but the light skin people choose on which is a little dull.

7.Choose the perfect lip colors – The bright colors such as rea and pink usually do well on most girls. To look the best, make sure the color matches your skin’s undertones. You can also use a neutral color that is close to your skin color because it will also look great on you.

8.Finish with lip gloss – Applying a lip gloss on the top pf your lipstick will be a great way to finish off you make up apply. The lip gloss will help to keep your lips moisturized and you will have a luscious look. This will make you look more beautiful especially if you are out on a date.






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