3 Popular Things That Causes Stomach Cancer And Its Symptoms.

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Stomach cancer is a kind of disease that involves the growth of malignant cells in the stomach. Scientists also call it gastric cancer and it is one of the most dangerous medical conditions in the world. According to research, stomach cancer kills millions of people every year.

Most stomach cancer victims die mainly because they fail to see the signs and symptoms of the disease. And off course, their actions and diet plays a huge role in developing the disease. In this article, I will list some of the possible causes and symptoms of stomach cancer. See some of them below;

Excess Painkillers And Medication.

High intake or consumption of medicines can negatively affect your stomach. And cause belly pain and stomach cancer in the long run. Other pain relievers most people consume can lead to heartburn, irritation, and others. If you are sick please never prescribed drugs to yourself, instead go to the doctor, in order to avoid stomach cancer.


The truth is that excessive drinking of alcohol can also increase the risk of stomach cancer. This is because alcohol can cause gastritis by irritating the stomach. Research has also concluded that regular drunkards and alcoholics end up getting stomach cancer.

Tobacco And Cigarettes Smoking

Too much smoking has also been associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer. These tobacco, weed or cigarette are highly dangerous to the body. They can increase a person's risk of cardiac diseases and stomach cancer.

Now that you've learned about some of the things that causes this stomach cancer, let's look at the signs or symptoms of stomach cancer.

1. Abdominal or stomach pain.

2. Feeling full after eating only a little amount of food.

3. Extreme weight loss.

4. Loss of appetite.

5. Vomiting blood.

6. Heartburn or .

7. Nausea.

8. Indigestion

9. Painful sensation in the navel.

I hope this article helped to educate you more about stomach cancer. Please save someone today by sharing.

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