SAD NEWS: The Two -Year -Old Girl Who Got Killed By Floods.


In recent years, Ghana has recorded several tragic incidents when the country enters its rainy season.

The sad incident happened at a small town in Cape Coast called Nkanfoa when a year old girl was taken away by flood as a result of the heavy downpour.

According to people living in the community, the mother of this young girl has died and got buried a week before the unfortunate incident. 

An eyewitness revealed that Abigail Kakraba had gone to cross the usual gutter with other kids and got taken away by the heavy floods.

Her remains were later found after the elders of the town performed some traditional rights just around the place she got carried away.

It becomes very necessary for every Ghanaian to be careful in this rainy season as projects and properties continue to destroy anytime there is a heavy downpour. 

Parents should do everything possible to keep a closer eye on their kids and not leave them roaming to avoid such tragic moments.