Maria: Sofia of Maria Series Tells Omar to Finish Victor


Sofia is an actress of Maria Citize Television series. She was given a role of demanding what is not belong to her. She uses her intelligence to gain the wealth not aware it came from.

In the play of Maria series, Victor is known to be Sofia's sister. Their father is Omar, who was a witch doctor. Omar was a man of his means, he used to take advantage of women before doing what they demanded for.

During the process of delivering witch services he get to have two children whom he has known recebtly: Victor and Sofia. So because William was so warm hearted he took care of Victor to become a man he is now. But he repaid him by chasing him from the house.

Victor also chased Sofia and Kanini from the house. Because Sofia is so angry the Victor did to her, he demand that Omar should kill him.

However, Omar is afraid to kill Victor because he is his son whom he has not even seen. For more stories about the same keep on reading on my site as I keep updating you every time.


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