Uhuru Lectures NASA Principals For Making His Work Difficult


Some few weeks ago, president Uhuru Kenyatta promised to endorse one of the NASA principles despite the fact that he did not clearly disclosed the real person.

Some allegations has been going around in social media saying that Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to endorse his handshake friend who is ODM leader Raila Odinga to be the president coming 2022 general elections.

Today, president Uhuru Kenyatta has shocked the nation after revealing that it his plans for coming close and trying to endorse NASA principle into power is the best way for him to extend his powers in the government again coming general elections.

"The President felt that he was making it easier for us to clinch power yet some of us were allowing egos and infighting in Nasa yet we have worked together against him in the past," a party leader who attended the meeting said.President Uhuru Kenyatta until now has not come out clearly to disclose the leader he will endorse coming 2022 general elections.

On the other hand deputy president William Ruto is getting more popular across the country with new politicians everyday drawn from different parties.

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