Pain As Another School Dormitory Gets Burnt, Over 500 Students Sent Home Immediately

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The Ministry of Education is at crossroads.The rate at which the secondary schools students are burning their dormitories and vandalising their classrooms are greatly alarming.Unfortunately,the students have refused to even fear the harsh warnings given to them.Jamhuri High School's parents will have to part with over Ksh 13,000 for the damages caused by their children.On the other hand,the Kakamega high School's parents too now have no option but to pay over ksh 9,000 after the court verdict.

Over 500 students from Holy Rosary Girls secondary school in Nandi county were sent home today after burning their dormitory.The principal,madam Monica Kirwa confirmed that the students were preparing for extra-curriculum activities when the incident occurred.Some five students are suspected to have started the fire.As always in most cases,nothing was rescured too in the dorm that houses 85 girls.

As reported by Star,in November 15,some six students were taken to Kapsabet court after being arrested with five litres of petrol.They are still facing charges.This is another looming burden to parents.

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