4 easy ways to win a girl's heart


1. Make her happy.

Making her happy may involve you taking her out to place to have fun. For example taking her out on a date. Also you can make easily win a girl's heart by cracking jokes and making her laugh

2. Make her miss you. Most times, when a girl starts missing you, there are high chances that she will start developing feelings for you.

3. Buy her gifts. Most times, it is really important to send gifts to the girl you are crushing on. It is good to send gifts to a girl you are crushing on because women generally love gifts and as a man, it is very crucial to know the kind of gifts to give a girl. Before making the choice of buying a gift for your crush, it is good you make your research first. Find out the kind of gifts that will make her happy. There are some gifts that girls really adore and they are some that they don't like no matter how expensive they are. As a man, it is good to find out what works for her, if she is the type of girl that likes romantic gifts, then you should buy her flowers, if she likes classy things, you should buy her perfume.

4. Take her out on a date. Taking a girl out on a date is a good way of making a girl fall in love with you. Normally women don't have the picture of a guy they want, all they need/want is any guy who can impress them and take them unaware.

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