Meet A Prophet Who Married 4 Wives At Once, He Says that God Respected Men With Many Wives

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DR Congo's Prophet Gazabe, who shocked the world by marrying four women in a white ceremony, claims that God looked down on biblical males who had multiple wives.

For men, Gazabe claims, polygamy is acceptable as long as they can sustain the additional wives they've taken on.

He is proud to say that he has five wives who must all submit to him as a husband and a man because he is a man of God.

The prophet argues that in order to gain God's approval in heaven, he must continue to marry other women because the Bible makes no mention of only marrying one woman.

Jacob, David, and Samuel, to name a few, are just a few examples of men and women in the Bible who had more than one wife and still obeyed God and were praised by Him.

And he promises to keep up the pressure on the male members of his congregation to get married, according to what he says.


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