Nana Agradaa arrested


A team of authorities from the Ghana police service,National, Security Intelligence Operatives and the National Communications today arrested owner of Thunder TV and Ice1 TV stations for transmitting their TV channels illegally.Those TV channels have no TV licence. Patience Asiedua, mostly known as Nana Agradaa,The owner of Thunder TV got arrested as she is the owner of Thunder TV. Equipments from Those TV channel offices used in the illegal transmission were also taken by the police. Nana Agradaa uses her channel to advertise money rituals which she calls "sika gari".She claims she multiplies money with the help of her gods.

 But just imagine how come someone who claim to multiply money takes money from people who go to her for help.

A few days ago,she was granted an interview on one tv channel where she admitted to her illegal activities and even went ahead to mock people who had gone to her to multiply their monies for them without knowing what she said on air could be used against her in court.

The two TV channels have been shut down and she is currently in custody undergoing investigations.

Our TV channels are full of money ritualists and "fake" pastors promoting themselves and people who are desperate for money always fall for them.

Authorities said they are putting in lots efforts to get such TV channels out of the system.

Let's hope those TV channels will continue to be shut down and all TV channels promoting such acts will be scrapped off as well as authorities have said.