Check Out Recent Pictures Of Segun Ogungbe's Wives


Popular outstanding and talented actor,Segun Ogungbe has two lovely wives. The actor married two wives, polygamous family is allowed in most african countries, including Nigeria, this is the more reason why Segun Ogungbe's act is not illegal.

His wives are very beautiful anf they are both fair in complexion, which means that Segun Ogungbe loves fair and beautiful women.

The first wife's name is Atinuke, she is a yoruba woman, and she looks very calm and collected. She is not an actress, she is a business woman.

The second wife's name is Omowunmi,she is also calm and collected,and she is a well known and talented actress,she features in most of her husband's movies.

The two wives are both born in the month of April,they celebrated their birthdays recently.

From Segun Ogungbe's post on their birthdays,he loves the both of them very much.

The first picture below is the picture of the first wife, while the second one is the picture of the second wife.

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