Beautiful Photos Of Nana Owiti Who Is Espoused To Rapper Kennedy Ombima

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Nana Owiti is currently a television presenter at Kenya’s Switch TV and wife to the most celebrated Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka. Together they have two children namely, Gweth Ombima and Prince Iroma.

The gorgeous TV siren was brought up by her grandparents and relatives. Her mother gave birth to her while she was still a teenager. She was brought up in the village and would only visit her mother during school holidays. Her mother worked as a police officer and they were not very close. Her mother passed on while she was still young and was left with the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister. She doesn’t know her biological father. 

Owiti loves photos by look of her regular posts. You can easily follow her life's progress if you check her timeline. The following collection of King Kaka wife will show you some of her best moments in her captured with her kids, posing with her husband, and collectively as a family.

To dress like her, you will definitely need some good money. The Switch Tv celebrity is a beauty queen in all ways. At switch Tv she is a host in one of the local programs in Kenya. She has the smile, the looks, and the curvaceous body that are enough to crown her.

Nana Owiti is a beauty queen and a superwoman with both beauty with brains. Nana has become a social media Influencer with thousands of followers on her social media platforms. Nana is a mother to two beautiful children but she looks like a young girl, she is serving body goals which every woman wants to have.

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