Opinion: Companies and Universities who force people to vaccinate should be closed

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When the introduction of vaccination started it was clear that it's not a force but a choice. I'm so shocked when I see almost all companies require their employees to vaccinate failure to do its straight dismissal.

We all know the truth that all these rules are implemented and set by the government. Even campuses now require students to vaccinate failure to do so will be no entry for you. Even children are being vaccinated at school just that children got their vaccination jab which is different from then used on old people.

This force vaccination sounds fishy because you can't bribe to get vaccinated. Government-issued a statement that people will now receive or get money after being vaccinated. It is now clear that something is going on with this vaccination gap I don't trust it.

Since Cyril Ramaphosa became a president things went worse right now he now issued laws and policies that will force us to get vaccinated.

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