People Spend Thousands Of Dollars To Get My Body Shape - Shemima Of Date Rush - Ali's Date.


The TV3 Date Rush show is a reality show which pave way for all caliber of people across to be on the show to find love.

Shemima is one of the female contestants who was on the show last week to find love.

The TV3 Date Rush show must be really given a standing novation for always keeping to their promise to ever give us an explosive episode on every Sunday evening at 8:00.

Shemima shaken the Date Rush stage as soon as she gets on there with her heavenly endowed unique body shape - which of course she is very proud of.

Gone are the days where women with plus body shape looked down on themselves which eventually affect their self esteem.

Shemima is a true definition of a plus body shape with excellent confidence.

She was able to carry herself very well on the Date Rush show - she was able to dance and also expressed herself boldly.

Shemima told Giovanni Caleb the host of the Date Rush show that she's hundred percent proud of her body shape because a lot of young women out there spend thousands of dollars before they could be like her - acquire her body shape.

She was such a delight to watch on the Date Rush show the moment Shemima danced on the stage majestically which captured all the guys attention and bewilderment.

Shemima is really a very beautiful young lady.

Shemima picked Ali over four guys for a date on the Date Rush show last week which really took people by surprised.

Date Rush, everyone deserves love.