"Kwani Unaishi Kwa Choo Za Kanjo" Reactions as Comedian YY Reveals The Amount He Pays for Rent


Veteran comedian YY has today caused a stir online after he revealed the amount of money he pays to his landlord for rent in Nairobi. His fellow comedian Mulamwah had earlier on revealed the amount he pays for rent.

Comedian YY was reacting to a post by the Nairobi Gossip Club about comedian Mulamwah. In their post, Nairobi Gossip Club revealed that Mulamwah pays a sum of Sh 9,000 for his rent money per month.

Mulamwah allegedly earns a lot of money from endorsements and from comedy but still chose to live in a cheap house. Mulamwah recently flaunted cash money worth Sh 700,000 online, which he revealed that he used to buy a piece of land.

Flamboyant comedian YY came across the post by Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram page about Mulamwah's rent money. This sparked reactions from comedian YY.

YY revealed that he only pays Sh 2,500 for rent per month, which is way much less than the amount of money Mulamwah pays. In Nairobi, finding a house whose rent is below Sh 5,000 is not easy and if you find one, then the condition of the house is pathetic.

Comedian YY's comment elicited mixed reactions from netizens. Below are some of the comments that came from the fans:

Kerubo, "Kwani unaishi kwa choo za kanjo?"

Toto Si Toto, "😂😂Kwani unakaa kwa home button."

Jackson Kitsao, "😂Kwani unaishi kwa ndoo."

Thejudith, "😂😂😂Kwani unaishi balcony?"

Yung Cassim, "Maisha inawafinya😂💀."

De Fada, "Umewachiwa bafu utesekee hapo😂😂."

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