Here's The New Robbery Trick Around Johannesburg (see pics)


As much as mzansi is a free and democratic for all one thing that needs to be given some attention by the Goverment is the creation of jobs.

If you should look around.The goverment seem to be giving this whole covid-19 situation more than everything else and this is wrong because now that a lot of people lost jobs when the virus arrived crime rates has increased and seem to be getting out of hand day by day.

For example see what they hungry unemployed individuals are doing around Hertzog Avenue in Johannesburg

Well what happens here is that once you park your cars criminals comes and passes near it while closely observing what is inside.If it happens that there is some gadgets such as a laptop or a phone they then break the window and take the gadget and flee from that place of the incident.

If you know that you are the type of person who live your gadgets at your dashboard please stop doing so for it is very risky this days.

Onething you should also stop doing is to talk on your phones with Windows down especially at places like robots where a car don't move too fast for the criminals are now snatching the phone's.

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