V@rgin At 36. Women Run When They See His 4-5

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He is 36 years old, and he is still a v@rgin. He said that this is not a choice. Potential women drop him like a hot potato when they glance at his tiny 4-5.

The distraughted man from Eden Park at Ekurhuleni said that he is now on a relentless pursuit to enlarge his little member. He told Daily Sun that he has used more than R5 000 in trying to enlarge his little member, but he hasn't been successful.

He said that he is tired of his situation. "I can't carry on living like this, because I no longer ask women out. It is really embarrassing because I spent most of the time locking myself in the room," he told Daily Sun.

He said that some of his friends knows about his problem. "They always try to motivate me, but my problem is big. I once dated someone for more than five months, but she disappeared after seeing my 4-5. Every time when she wanted to touch my 4-5, I would remove her hand. I would tell her that I don't want us to rush things, but she ended up emphasising that she was ready," he said.

Source: https://www.dailysun.co.za/News/virgin-at-36-women-run-when-they-see-my-tiny-4-5-20201102

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