Viral Mtumba Man Sparks Concerns After These Allegations On Employer (VIDEO)

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One Sande Mayau recently made hefty headlines after showcasing his unmatched marketing skills that utterly leaked into the internet. The young man who blended his business skills with comedy earned great public recognition with several brands rushing to associate themselves with him.

 Among them was the Devine Collection fashion shop which offered the viral sensation a job additionally promising to dress him up for over five years. However, there now seems to be a stumbling block between Mayau and his employers as per the revelations he made yesterday. 


On a live Instagram he hosted on his handle yesterday with other two ladies, Mayau literally disclosed how his employers had used him without meeting their pledges.

According to the viral sensation, he regretted how he was jetted to Nairobi only to be abandoned. He was promised accomodation and other necessities which have never been met.

"Walinitumua, mimi sasa naona tu nirudi Kisumu." Mayau decried.

Surprisingly, the viral hawker abruptly left the Instagram live only to share a vindicating statement thereafter. As shared on his Instagram, Mayau claimed that everything had now been fixed and there was just a little confusion with the management.

"Trust me guys all is well, the few challenges I have around shall be fixed." Mayau clarified.

In response, netizens sparked mixed reactions with others urging the mtumba man to be frank as he was just being blind folded. Moreover, others were glad to notice that his woes had been immediately addressed.

Watch the video below

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