Presidential Aspirant Wajackoyah Speaks Of 200Million Bribe Offered To Drop Presidential Race

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Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has sensationally claimed that he was offered Sh200 million to drop his presidential bid. 

Prof Wajackoyah said the money was offered by people who he claim were keen on locking him out of the race in August, over fears that his candidature was gaining popularity with the masses, less than a month to the elections.

As of late they arrived to my area and expressed that this Wajackoya, for what reason don't we essentially pay him Sh200 million all together that he can drop his bid.

"I looked at them and taught them that I am the most extreme found person in Africa and I can not be compromised. I even have toiled in better areas like United Kingdom and I can not deceive the accept of individuals," Prof Wajackoya expressed.

When reached with the guide of utilizing Nation.Africa to call the people who made the give Prof Wajackoya declined to remark, best expressing "Not on the occasion."

In the video, the Roots Party boss moreover promised to assemble his allies to remove Deputy President William Ruto and Azimio official competitor Raila Odinga within side the August surveys.

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