Auction National Teams To Companies- Mahama Ayariga Tells Sports Minister Designate


A former Minister for Youth and Sports under the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama administration, Mahama Ayariga has suggested the Minister designate for Youth and Sports Mustapha Yusif to consider auctioning the national teams to companies such that they could be self-sustaining. According to him the auction will provide the Ghana Football Authority and the National Sports Authority a pool of funds to support the development of the teams, and this reduce government's burden of financing their activities.

During Mr. Yusif's vetting today, Mr. Ayariga indicated that the proposition is innovative and could be given a try under the current leadership of the former [if approved]. On his Facebook page, Mr. Ayariga explained that the financing mechanism that will be employed will generate taxable revenues from the expenses that would be borne by these companies and thus eliminate any hurdle they might encounter if they were seeking approval and spend from the Ministry of Finance.

"Today at the vetting of the Minister Nominee for the Sports Ministry i suggested that our national teams should be auctioned to the companies with deep pockets to spend on the development of the teams.

"My proposition is that these companies will be able to spend on the teams and those expenses will be tax deductible before the determination of taxable income. This will be a tactical way of indirectly using state funding to support sports without the Ministry of Finance standing in the way."

His proposition makes much sense and seemed to have gotten some admission from the Minister designate, Mr. Yusif. Mr. Ayariga might have shared this knowledge based on his experience working in the same portfolio, and had wished to implement such a strategy.

In fact, he did acknowledged that Mr. Yusif had given word of putting that to a test.

"The companies in turn will benefit from the good brand if the team does well. The nominee to the Ministry of Youth and Sports said it is an idea worth exploring with the GFA and the National Sports Authority."

Should this proposition be operationalized, the Black Stars, Black Starlets, Black Maidens and the other juinor teams will all be guaranteed of some funds to sponsor their activities.