3 Killed,1 Injured In "Kambi Samaki" Garissa County


(Courtesy)3 people have been killed and one police reservist seriously injured at an attack at "Kambi Samaki" in Garrisa county.

The counter attacks are being attributed to the possession of guns by residential rivals. The regional commandant north Eastern region has reported that "There r ongoing attacks in Kambi Samaki where 3 people have been killed and one seriously injured, we have send in our offices and two body so far have been recovered. We know at the end of the day we will get everything restored back to normal. Our officers are at the ground and making more investigations in concern to the matter".

Appeals have been made to the relevant residents to stay calm as the authorities Are In control of everything. Plans to dis arm the Borana community who have been involved in these disagreements are going on. In the meantime the government is promising to sending more troops if the situation persists.

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