Health Benefits Of Spring Onions

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Spring onions consist a high amount of vitamins and minerals. As a result,they are highly beneficial for human health. Here are the health benefits of spring onion ;

1•Treats high blood pressure _For people suffering from high blood pressure,spring onions are a great treatment. Spring onions treat your high blood pressure caused due to certain circumstances ;

•If your cholesterol level is high

•If you are experiencing high blood pressure in arteries.

•The salt intake in your body has gone up

•If you are experiencing obesity

•Due to high stress and tension.

If your blood pressure is high because of any of the above reasons then spring onions should be a part of your diet.The best way to eat it is in the form of salads .You should consume at least 20_30 grams of spring onion every day to maintain your blood pressure.

2• Improves your eyesight _There are various ways to maintain good eyesight. Spring onion is one of the ways to get better vision. If you are already wearing glasses consuming spring onions will lead to lowering your glasses' power.

3•Prevent problems in the heart_Spring onions are regarded as blood thinners as they help in the easy flow of blood from the heart.Along with consuming raw spring onions,you should also maintain an oil free diet.That would help you a lot to fight against heart diseases.

4•Helps in joint pain and arthritis _Spring onions are a great treatment for arthritis. If you are having extreme joint or tending to develop arthritis then consuming spring onions will help you feel much better. The anti ing property of spring onions helps minerals in spring onion not only makes your bones stronger but also aids to your growth and development.

5•Fight cancer _Spring onions act as a treatmentfor cancer. Though it cannot treat cancer directly but plays a major role in preventing cancer.You need to consume raw spring onions twice a day to consume raw spring onions twice a day to prevent cancer.lf you are taking spring onions as salads then unknowingly you are already preventing yourself from intestinal and liver cancer. Spring onions reduce cancer cells thus preventing cancer.

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