A Young Man Uses A 48kg Gas Cylinder And A Heater To Keep Himself Warm, See Comments

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Winter brings snow and freezing temperatures. During winter people purchase warm clothes and appliances to keep them warm

A young man recently left people in disbelief after sharing a picture of the appliances that are keeping him warm. The young man's Twitter username is Xeki Hlongwane.

The young man was using a heater and a 48kg gas cylinder to keep him warm. People said that it is dangerous to use a cylinder gas and he should use the heater alone. They also mentioned that this size cylinder gas is meant to be installed outside with pipe works running indoors.Some said that the heater is designed to be used with a 9Kg cylinder only.

See the picture he shared below :

See how people responded to this, in these screenshots below:

Gas is perfectly safe when it is inside its cylinder, it can cause severe damage if it leaks, especially into an enclosed space.

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